Scott’s Industrial Coatings likes to pride itself on it’s flexibility to meet most customer needs.  We work closely with our customers and suppliers to deliver a quality product on-time and strive to exceed our customers expectations.

If you do not see something listed that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can do.  We approach each request whether you are a new or current customer with the same strategic action plan.

Multi-Media Blasting

-Media blast booths accommodate both small and large items

-On site medias available: Garnet, Steel Shot, Glass Bead, Aluminum Oxide

**Other medias available upon request



-5 Stage Manual Wand Wash System


-Approved primers


Painting Capabilities

-Powder coating  for part accommodations up to: 40ft x 9ft x 9ft

-Liquid Paint Lines and Batch Booths with heat cure

-Electrostatic Paint Lines

-Liquid Coatings for Defense(including CARC coatings), Marine, Fleet, Commercial, Fire Apparatus, Epoxy, Zinc, and Urethane Coatings


Other Capabilities

-Assembly and Disassembly Capabilities

-Large and Small body Work/Repair

-Custom Color Match

-Caulking & Seam Sealing

-Spackle Paint application


-Non-Skid Surfaces

-Structural Bonding(adhesives)

-Rust proofing/Transit oil/coating

-Pickup/ Delivery Packaging and Logistics