Scott’s Industrial Coatings gets its name from founder Scott Kruse. From the beginning, Scott had a continued commitment to customer service which set himself and the business apart resulting in noted growth year after year.  He was always proud of where the company started and the direction that it was going.  Given the opportunity of performing work for a local Manufacturer, Scott was able to prove his dedication to quality and on-time delivery opening the doors for the company to acquire additional customers.  Scott’s Industrial Coatings is now a multi-level subcontractor that prepares, pre-treats, and paints both new and used fabricated substrates spanning across several different industries.

Throughout the company’s continued growth, it was important to Scott to also keep the roots of family involved in the day to day operations. He viewed each employee as family and valued the skills each individual brought to the table.  This made his constant investment back into the company an easy decision for him.  He was always looking at the newest equipment or cutting edge technology that allowed for a better streamlined process and superior finished product.  It was this same drive along with his passion to employees and customers that resulted in the addition of powder coating, a second facility and added job growth.  This was an accomplishment that he was very proud of and continues to grow today.

Unfortunately in April of 2014, Scott was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In true Scott fashion, he fought with great courage and positivity.  He was simply unable to keep up what was an extremely valiant fight with the disease, which eventually spread.  On December 25, 2014, Scott passed away leaving us with amazing memories that was only a highlight of the amazing man that he truly was.

With Scott’s passing, his son, Brandon Kruse, transitioned and is operating CEO of Scott’s Industrial Coatings. He shares the same drive for superior service to both employees and customers.  His leadership is continuing the commitment to growth and fulfilling Scott’s quality promise of “Quality Product On-Time Every time!”